Back in about 2010 Chrissy began making organic doggie treats for her own animals. Many of them had stomach issues and the store bought treats caused all kinds of well…let’s just say…messy problems for her. She did a little research and started making her own. After seeing how much her animals loved them she decided to branch out and try to see if her neighbors would like to try some with their furry friends and…they LOVED them. Seeing her treats were a hit she started a little brand called Biscuit Witch. Being a pagan witch herself she figured she would let her beliefs be the brand and see what happened.
People loved them!…well their animals loved them and the biscuit witch had cast a tasty spell on them all!

Biscuit Witch dog treats are available exclusively at The Cottage Conundrum! Stop by, have a sample and take home a bag for your four legged loved one!