In the mid 1970’s I was introduced to the idea of the 20″ bicycle in the form of a blue Schwinn Stingray. By 1978, that Stingray had been replaced by a Raleigh Grifter and within a year, I came across a publication called bicycle motocross action, what would later become BMX Action. With that awakening, I quickly jumped on the bandwagon of a new sport making waves across the country, BMX. In those hallowed pages of that magazine, I made a decision to buy my first true BMX bike, a Mongoose Motomag and with that purchase a near 20 year continuous run of BMX adventures would begin.

I donned many hats in my BMX career, novice to expert racer, announcer, sponsored racer and freestyler, freestyle pioneer in New Jersey, ramp builder, freestyle rider, announcer, ramp park builder, contest runner, freestyle team manager, and near the end of it, media promoter. People had put out BMX websites before I came along but nothing that really jived with everyone. I put the idea of a forum, a precursor to the social media of today, out there for BMX and it took off for NJ. A site I called became the voice of racers and over time morphed into a full on media site called with an accompanying full color POD magazine. For almost a decade, I, along with several correspondents covered BMX, in all its forms in the my home state.

Alas there came a time in my late 40’s when I realized that a guy my age was just not the right person to put the message of BMX out there and I decided to hang up my media spurs for BMX and move on to other endeavors. I took all the archives I had from all the sites and dropped them into a fresh new wordpress site with the name.

Around that same time I wrote a little book called, The Average BMXer, to try to get out the message of what it meant to be a average BMX rider in the beginning years of the sport in New Jersey.

If you know me, you know how important those 20″ bikes have been to me over the years. I invite anyone who rode BMX in New Jersey to head over to BMXNJ,com and check out the archives. If you’d like to read about BMX a bit, hit up the BMXNJ Magazine archives or read a copy of my book, The Average BMXer. Stop by The Cottage anytime if you rode, I’ve always got an ear for BMX riders…my “band of brothers.”

Brett circa 1979 at Pete’s Bike Shop BMX track in Flemington, NJ
Brett circa 2011 at The Chateau Woo Woo in Brick, NJ