One day, on a trip back from New Hope, Pa, which we take many of… Chrissy and I got to talking about our childhood, “hey, did you have a big wheel?”, “pft, yea, didn’t EVERYONE have a big wheel?”
We started laughing and talking about wearing down the wheels and that being our first mode of transportation. During the drive we then cooked up the idea of a comic strip about a kid and his big wheel. After some tweaking and more thinking, we came up with “little britty and the big wheel”.
Now britty just couldn’t be some kid, he had to have a message and that message was, “fight the power”, and for the next 150 comic strips, little b and his co-horts and siblings went up against baink stur, the guv and…other nefarious forms of oppression, always in the end coming out on top and taking down or reforming the bad guy.
I shuttered little britty this year as we moved into our new place but I like to think that a good part of that little kid and his pal chrissypoo reside in myself and Christine.
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Remember, Go Big Wheel…or Go Home!