Chrissy…you look like a pinup model! “Brittles…please…”
and so it began, Brett was already a decent extreme sports photographer for BMX and a graphic artist working on 3D pinup gals and fairy art. One evening while sitting in our hot tub at our old place, he mentioned to Chrissy how great she looked (as any smart guy should to his lady) and said “you could be a pinup easily”. Chrissy, sorta shrugged it off but was willing to give a try so we did some photo shoots, some more shoots and put a few photos out there on various pinup websites and Facebook pages with an alter ego we made up for her called “Chrissy Kittens”. The response was overwhelmingly positive and we did and still do quite a few photo shoots.

Over time after getting notoriety for doing the shoots for her, we had a few people ask us to do some photo sets for them and began doing a little side business which we called Passion Pinups. Seeing that the pinup-cosplay-art movement was growing, we decided to branch out from just taking photos to doing a quarterly magazine with pinups, art, burlesque and everything in between. We’re now going into our 3rd year of the magazine and 5th year of doing pinups outside of Chrissy’s 7th year anniversary of Chrissy Kittens which is coming up!

Since moving into our new “old” place, we’ve set up an entire pinup photography studio in the 3rd floor of “The Cottage Conundrum” and invite anyone out who would like to have a day of being a pinup in an old Victorian home. Our prices and what you can expect from a shoot are listed below and for more information about Passion Pinups Magazine, head over to for more information!

Passion Pinups Photography Pricing:

2 hour shoot: $225.00
2- wardrobe changes
10-retouched jpg’s
2-  8×10 photos
thumbdrive of all photos shot

4 Hour shoot: $385.00
3- wardrobe changes
25- retouched jpg’s
6- 8×10 glossy prints
thumbdrive of all photos shot

We also do a $25.00 consultation for anyone who would like to know more about a pinup shoot and what is involved or what to expect. The $25.00 is applicable towards a booked shoot.

What to expect:
We have a relaxed private studio located in the top floor of our VIctorian home located right outside the historic district in Barnegat, NJ. We will show you your photos as we shoot and Christine will be your guide to how to relax and be in the moment as a pinup! Our home will be your home during your transformation into a pinup goddess!
We have a small wardrobe that Christine has used for herself and you are welcome to try on any outfits you would like. We do recommend that you bring your own wardrobe so that you can pick out things that fit you well!
We do not supply makeup during the shoot but if you would like professional make up done just let us know beforehand and we will have a makeup artist available for a nominal fee.
After your wardrobe change and make up, we will coach you and turn you into the pinup that you want to be!

Your publishers and photographer…
Issue 7!
Passion Pinups clothing!
One of our clients, Stacey.
Helen, as photographed on her Jag.