As the darkness closes in…

I grow brighter.

Thank you all for coming to visit us. We are brittles (The Atheist) and chrissy (The Witch) and together we are… “The Atheist and The Witch”.Here you will find all sorts of musings, ramblings, art, photography, lifestyle and love of two people who live life different than many…though maybe not that different from you!We ride bikes, do art, raise and rescue animals and do our best to “have fun and harm none”.Come join us on our journey’s around the sun on this crazy little green and blue ball and maybe you’ll find someone who thinks just like you and isn’t afraid to let it be known.Watch our videos, listen to our podcast, maybe buy some merch (with cool stuff and art on it!), check out our magazine or better yet contribute to it! If you are really into us consider becoming a patron at Patreon!

Welcome to the wacky, wonderful world of The Atheist and The Witch, chronicling their adventures at The Cottage Conundrum!

Stay fairy dusted friends!

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Atheist & Witch Magazine Issue 1